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"I’m here to tell the residents of Clarke and Oconee Counties that returning integrity, experience, and common sense to the District Attorney’s Office is on the ballot, and if we’ve learned anything the last three years it’s that without those attributes – there is no justice."

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Meet Kalki


Proud First Generation American:

  • Married to his wife, Caitlin, for nearly ten years, and the two share two sons and a golden retriever

  • Over five years of experience as an Assistant District Attorney for the Western Judicial Circuit before entering private practice

  • Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Georgia School of Law

  • Holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Georgia and a Juris Doctor from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law 

  • First-generation American

  • Active member of Athens Church

"As immigrants, my mother and father instilled in us an awesome respect for the
incredible gift that we had been given by being born in the United States of America. This is a land of incredible opportunity that exists because of a foundational commitment to justice and the rule of law. I was given that gift through my parents’ sacrifice and struggle to make a life here, and I won’t sit idly by as the rule of law and the administration of justice crumbles in the community that is our home, the community where my wife, Caitlin, and I are raising our 6 and 4-year old boys."


ADVOCATE FOR VICTIMS and Hold Criminals Accountable

 This District Attorney’s office has admitted that they have failed to honor the rights of victims under our laws when prosecuting cases. The violations that we know of are certainly just the tip of the iceberg and are unacceptable to our citizens. 

Kalki will prioritize rebuilding the reputation of the District
Attorney’s office by ensuring that once again victims in this circuit have an office that will seek justice for them with competency and compassion and ensuring we all have a District Attorney’s Office that will respect the rights of our citizens.

If elected, he will ensure violent criminals are put on notice that no longer will they be able to use an ineffective DA's office to their advantage. We will use the full force of the District Attorney's office to hold those who commit heinous crimes accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Common Sense Leadership, Restore Justice

Our community deserves justice for all. Justice for all requires maintaining an adequately staffed District Attorney’s office to deliver justice for victims swiftly because justice delayed is justice denied.

The District Attorney’s Office has less than one-half of its prosecutor positions filled with attorneys who are licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia.

Through common sense leadership and by utilizing relationships built over a decade, Kalki will ensure that our District Attorney’s office is staffed with experienced prosecutors who are committed to doing the job the right way and training new and younger attorneys to do the job the right way.


Our circuit is an amazing place to live and work, but the lack of experience, failure of leadership, and the failure to provide adequate training and supervision to young attorneys at the District Attorney’s office has driven those young attorneys to work in other circuits rather than in our community. When elected District Attorney, Kalki will provide in-house training that is not currently being provided to give our prosecutors the tools they need to serve their communities well and to deliver justice for our citizens.

Utilize Available Resources to reduce Reoffenders

Our District Attorney's office is failing to connect people who have committed nonviolent crimes with the resources they need to reduce the chances that they commit a crime again. Accountability courts are one of the most successful methods in the criminal justice system to reduce reoffending among those suffering from chronic substance abuse or mental health issues. Yet, only half of the available positions for participants in our felony drug court are filled due to the inability of the District Attorney to get the job done.


We have a pretrial diversion program that is underutilized. The point of these programs should be to connect our young people alleged to have committed a nonviolent crime or other first-time offenders with community resources that will provide them with the tools that they need to reach their potential and not have a criminal conviction.


If elected, Kalki will make sure that the cases of individuals who have committed nonviolent crimes while suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues are screened for the appropriate accountability courts in a timely manner because addressing the root causes of criminal acts is just common sense and providing people with the tools they need to live healthy and productive lives is what justice

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"The safety of our families and our community is not a
partisan issue, neither is protecting and respecting our rights. This Office should be a place of public service, not a place to relaunch a political career. Right now, we all have the duty and responsibility to do something. I need you to stand
with me so together we can reestablish justice in our community."

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(706) 207-9379

320 E Clayton St.

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Athens, GA 30601

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